Aegis Annual Subscription


Short Description:
Aegis Annual Membership: Includes, Discord Access, Art, Stories, Audio versions and more.

Want to follow the Aegis Project, but prefer to purchase your patron level a year at a time, for you or someone else. Just select the level and you will get all the patron perks, as they are released over the next year.

Description (each level includes the previous.)

Watcher of Vendrial Level

  • Each week we will post either a piece of digital art, or a short story, alternating weeks.
  • Once per Month, we will post exclusively for Patrons, a check in video from one of our team meetings, where we will talk about upcoming content, and some of the other projects we are working on in the IP.
  • You will also get an invite code the Aegis of the Elements discord server’s Patron only channel where you can ask questions of any of our creators and chat with the team and other patrons alike.
  • You will receive one Printed book once it gets printed.

Denizen of Vendrial

  • Additional digital concept art
  • Audio versions of the stories.


  • You get to request 2 stories in the Aegis of the Elements world. This can be followup on a character you particularly liked. A character of yours interacting with one from AotE world, or things of the like. This will be written to become official AotE canon.

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.