Clustered 2


Players: 1-4
A.G.E.*: 7+
Time: 15 min/player
Genre: Puzzle
Short Description:
Challenge your pattern recognition skills by playing cards that share attributes with neighboring.
  • Clustered is a competitive game of strategy and pattern recognition.
  • Match cards from your hand to those on the board by symbol, shape, and fill.
  • Get your colored cards clustered together in rows, columns, and a square to score points.
  • Contents: 4 uniquely colored decks of 30 professional quality cards | 2 start cards | 4 alternative scoring cards | Instructions | 4 bags to sort decks

Clustered is back with a second edition!

With 4 all new colors you can add the first and second editions together to play with up to 8 players.

Clustered is an easy-to-learn strategy card game that is fun for the whole family! During the game, players will make moves according to the symbols on the cards in their hands.

The symbols on Clustered cards vary by shape, fill type, and number. Challenge your pattern recognition skills by playing cards that share attributes in common with neighboring cards on the board. Carefully choose where to play in order to either score points for yourself or block your opponents from doing so.

Each card you cluster together in a row or a square will get you a point. Simply score more points than the other players to win. It’s anyone’s game until the last card is played!

How to play:
The symbols depicted on an individual card determine where the card can be placed. The symbols have three different attributes, which vary from card to card: shape (square, triangle, or circle), fill type (hollow, dashed lines, or solid), and number (one, two, or three symbols). A card must be played so that it is sharing at least one edge with another card that is already on the table. To place a card on the table, all neighboring cards must share at least two of the three symbol attributes in common with the card being played. Players’ decks contain every combination of each of the three symbol attributes, totaling 27 cards (29 cards with the 2 wilds).
Scoring takes place when all players’ cards have been played or discarded; this would signify the end of the game. Players score points by getting their colored decks into lines (horizontal and vertical), and their single largest uninterrupted rectangle.

The player with the highest score after all the cards have been played or discarded wins.


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