Players: 6+
A.G.E.*: 21+ (drinking age)
Time: 30 min (or 'til the party ends)
Genre: Party/Callout
Short Description:
Drink! is the perfect little game for house parties. It is an easy ice breaker to keep people laughing and chatting.
Drink! adds a level of enjoyment to any house party, game night, or wedding reception. You’re going to be hanging out and drinking anyway, why not toss in a fun little game?

Drink! is a perfect gateway between tabletop gaming and house parties. It is an easy icebreaker that keeps people laughing and chatting. The game keeps your brain moving and your eyes peeled as you joke around with friends and goad them into sipping more and more of their beverages. Drink! brings all the fun of a game without distracting people from enjoying each other’s company.

The perfect icebreaking party game! 

Drink! is straight-forward and intuitive, but a blast to play. It’s hilarious to watch someone try to recall the last few seconds of their life as they were suddenly commanded to drink. It’s exhilarating to finally figure out you’ve been saying “like” too much and snatch the card from your buddy’s hand in defiance. Best of all, nothing is interrupted by the game. People can come and go without breaking the game, conversations happen without losing focus, and no one is bogged down watching two other people play beer pong.

  • Low commitment, doesn’t interrupt the party
  • 6+ players
  • Ages 21+ (for legal reasons)
  • Game ends when the party does

A boxed-set of Drink! Comes with 150 cards, including 10 “house-rules” cards, and a rules-sheet.

Beverages sold separately.

“Drink can be played with anyone at any time – the game is *very* straightforward but low pressure. You don’t have to have an evening revolving around playing a game, rather, you can just play this while hanging out and having a drink with friends.” – Ryan, reviewer

The rules of Drink! are simple. Every player picks a card from the game box. On that card is an action or phrase they should watch or listen for. Whenever someone does what the card says, the card holder commands that person to “drink” (take a sip of their beverage). To add challenge, players may choose to wait a few seconds before calling “drink”. If anyone can guess what a card says, the correct guesser keeps that card for the rest of the night and still calls out the rule. If they guess wrong, they must drink. Once a player loses a card, they get a new one and the game continues. The player with the most cards at the end wins. The game ends whenever the group wants, usually when everyone is around a bonfire or in a cuddle puddle.


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