Flick Wars Deluxe


Players: 1-6
A.G.E.*: 12+
Time: 60 min
Genre: Wargaming/Dexterity
Short Description:
Fast to learn, set up, and play. Great intro to Wargaming! The neoprene mat gives you a silky smooth surface AND allows for amazing 3D terrain!
Deluxe version contains everything in the standard version, plus additional terrain pieces and special rules, great value!

Additional components included:

-6 3″ Wood terrain discs with art
-32 mini cards to modify terrain rules
-6 more wood dome pieces
-40 black gems for terrain play
-Rules for Epic Games* and Terrain cards

*Epic Games feature the Flick Wars Super Epic Mat, sold separately

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.


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