Front Line No Komrades


Players: 3-8
A.G.E.*: 8+
Time: 10min/player
Genre: Take-that
Short Description:
Front Line No Komrades is a fast-paced romp where your ragtag team is under constant assault as it works its way to the front.
The only way to survive is by moving yourself out of, and your “komrades” into, the worst of it; in this fast-paced, simultaneous action selection card game.

You have one imperative. Stay alive. Keep staying alive… for as long as it takes us all to achieve our destiny. We must endure. We must strive. We must continue ever forward… or until the next batch of recruits arrives, whichever.

Now snap to it! And remember, the Kommissar is not your Komrade!

Off to the front!
  • 31 Character Cards
    • 11 Character Line Cards
    • 10 Character Ability Cards
    • 10 Character Health Cards
  • 1 Initiative Card
  • 4 Target Cards
  • 38 Incoming! Cards
  • 89 Action Cards
  • Expansions!
You’ll always have the gentle encouragement of the Kommissar for inspiration, but we’ve put together a quick video to get you started all the same…!

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.