Horrible Truth


Players: 4-10
A.G.E.*: 18+ (adult themes)
Time: 60 min
Genre: Party
Short Description:
This hilarious party game has you unleashing the useless information you know about your friends to score points.
  • How well do you really know your friends? What are you willing to reveal to win?
  • Play using the 5 card types: Question cards, draw it cards, write it cards, challenge cards, and all play cards
  • Customize your gameplay by picking which cards you play from your hand
  • Ages: 18+ | players: 4 - 10 | time: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Each game includes: 324 professional quality playing cards, 60 voting tiles, 1 score pad, 2 drawing pads, 1 writing pad, and 10 mini pencils

The Horrible Truth

Think you know your friends pretty well?

You’re about to learn way more than you ever wanted to know.

The Horrible Truth is the game where all those weird, seemingly useless facts you know about your friends finally come in handy. Throughout the game you’ll use what you know about your friends to score points, while strategically revealing things about yourself.

The information you choose to share can range from totally commonplace to extraordinarily awkward- it all depends on how many points you want, and how much you are willing to reveal to get them.

For even more awkward fun, get the group to create depraved doodles using draw-it cards, and dare your friends to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets using challenge cards.

Shit’s about to get weird. Prepare to learn The Horrible Truth.


Game Play:

    • The rules are simple. On your turn, pick a card from your hand. Read it to the group. Play the card to one of the 5 different card types (see below). If people guessing get the correct answer or get their writings or drawings picked they get rewarded with points. The active player will receive the points corresponding to the color level of the card (more revealing = more points)


    • Question Cards: use the voting tiles to guess the correct answer about the person who played the card. Get points for guessing the correct answer.


    • Draw It/ Write It Cards: everyone tries to draw or write the true or most hilarious response and the person who played the card gets to pick their favorite.


    • Challenge/ All play Cards: pair this card with one from your hand. Challenge the person or people to answer the question about themselves.



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