Players: Two
A.G.E.*: 5+
Time: 10 min
Genre: Classic/Twist
Short Description:
Microgammon is a faster, more dynamic iteration of the classic betting game you know and love.
Microgammon is available on printed neoprene (in a modern grayscale or traditional brown/cream colors) and rolled up in a travel tube; or in a custom wooden case with neoprene or leather -either way it fits INSIDE a traditional backgammon briefcase!

MicroGammon is basically 2/3 of a normal backgammon game having 16 points instead of 24 points, 10 checkers instead of the normal 15 and using unique* 4 sided dice rather than the traditional 6 sided dice.

The result is a game that is much faster paced and more volatile with doubles occurring 50% more often (1 in 4 rolls compared with 1 in 6 roles for cubic dice)


We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.


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