Skull King


Players: 2-6
A.G.E.*: 8+
Time: 30 min
Genre: Trick-taking/scheming
Short Description:
Fans of trick-taking games will love Skull King. Now better than ever! It’s competitive, rowdy, and exciting.
Now better than ever! It’s competitive, rowdy, and exciting. This new version includes all the original cards and rules - with refreshed artwork- plus new expansion cards and optional rules that dial up the intensity even more! Mermaids, Loot, the Kraken, and new special powers for each of the pirates add fresh intrigue. A new scorepad lets you adjust the number of cards and rounds each game. Crafty, strategic, scheming, and conniving are all words that describe pirates. They also describe the people that love this game. Rogues and rascals, this game is for you!

​Skull King is the most cunning and conniving game in Grandpa Beck’s collection!

With mechanics derived and then enhanced from classic set collection games, Skull King is considered by many to be the ruler of all bidding games!

Predict each round how many tricks you think you can win after taking a look at your cards. Get your bid correct and you’ll gain points! Get it wrong, and you’ll get nothin’, or worse!

This, the latest version, was released in 2018 and includes the Legendary Expansion in the box which adds Mermaids, Loot, Pirate Powers, and the lurking threat of the Kraken!

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.


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