Spicy Dice


Players: 2+
A.G.E.*: 6+
Time: 15 min/player
Genre: Press your luck
Short Description:
Each die has 1 red side. FLIP any red to any other number, or KEEP it for double score. Includes a pouch, scorepad, rules, “cheat sheet”, and 6 beautiful pearlized acrylic Spicy Dice. Roll to score points in 10 categories, YOU decide how many rolls per turn. Any number can play, but for a party check out Expansion Packs too. A fun twist on a classic game. Set of 6 deluxe dice.

In Spicy Dice, you can roll the dice as many times as you want on a turn to try to maximize your score — but you have only thirty dice rolls at most over the entire game, so take care when pressing your luck!

Spicy Dice includes a set of six six-sided dice, with one face on each die having red pips instead of white, with a red 1 on one die, a red 2 on another, and so on. On a turn, you roll all the dice, set aside whichever dice you wish, and rotate any red die face to the side that you wish (or leave them as is). You can re-roll the remaining dice and repeat the process, marking down each roll on the score sheet. When you stop, you score the dice in one of ten fields on the score sheet, with you scoring for the numbers 1-6 (with the red die doubling your score, if present); a straight; red dice; sets; and whatever you happen to have sitting in front of you.

If you fill all ten fields before maxing out your rolls, you receive 5 points for each unused roll. Whoever scores the most points wins!


100% acrylic pearlized dice with rounded edges and rounded corners look great and roll perfectly.
Each base game contains a set of Spicy Dice in one of four colors.
Customers can choose their favorite color.

Although one set of dice is enough for any number of players to play the Classic rules, the optional Extra Spicy rules require each player to have a set of dice, so we also offer expansion sets of dice in four colors.

Spicy Dice includes a unique “Cheat Sheet” to help beginners learn the game quickly.
The sheet comes attached to and folds out from the Scorepad to provide category-by-category scoring examples.

Spicy dice also comes with a cloth drawstring pouch with silkscreened logo. The pouch is big enough to hold everything – the scorepad and the even 4 sets of dice – just grab it and go.

“..just tried it is really fun thank you so much for making this I would never seen family game-night this fun without these.”