Waking of the Gods Annual Subscription


Short Description:
Stories, Audio Stories, Books and more.

Want to follow Waking of the Gods, but prefer to purchase your patron level a year at a time, for you or someone else. Just select the level and you will get all the patron perks, as they are released over the next year.

Description (each level includes the previous.)

Love to Read:

  • You will receive a digital chapter of Waking of the Gods at a rate of aproximately 1 page a day (if it is a 15 page chapter it will release 15 days after the last one.) and/or a short story at the same rate. This will result in me posting more often during short chapters and less often during the longer ones.
  • You will also get access to the Waking of the Gods’ discord server where you can ask questions on the week’s chapter/story and discuss the goings on with the community.

Tell Me A Story:

  • You will also get the audio version (Read by a hired voice actor, who will do much better than I).
  • As a special thank you, once a book is complete, or enough short stories have been released to warrant an anthology, you will receive a signed copy of the book.

Part of This World:

  • You get to request a story in the Waking of the Gods’ world. This can be followup on a character you particularly liked. A character of yours interacting with one from WotG world, or things of the like. This will be written to become official WotG canon.
  • You will receive character interviews as characters get their own chapters.
  • You also get to add two interview questions either one to two characters or two to one character.


  • A second story request
  • Once a month you can schedule an hour long video/phone call, to chat with the author about the world, ask any questions you want and generally geek out/delve further into the world of Waking of the Gods or writing in general.
  • To top it all off you will receive view access to first draft/edited versions of all chapters I have written well ahead of release schedule (note these are draft versions and will definitely go through edits and other changes before being locked into the story.)

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.