Indie Publishers

If you’re a small publisher and want to work with us to get your games onto store shelves, click here for more details:

Wholesale Accounts

If you are a Retail Store, simply email us your Business License/ Resellers Permit and we will upgrade your account to wholesale pricing and add a convenient Order Form button for faster online shopping.

About Us

InDiPro Games is a distribution company focused on independently produced board/card games.
We offer highly competitive PRINT services to new publishers.
We also host Gaming Parties at our Friendly Local Shops

News & Updates

New Homepage, New Blog post

Obviously we haven’t gotten any better at using this blog feature, but look, a new homepage!

Now you can create wholesale accounts, submit games for us to carry, and look at this pretty carousel of games we love ^

Oh, and we do have some news I suppose; we are finalizing contracts with both Portal Games and Emperor S4, these guys aren’t really the indie/small publisher folks we usually court, but having some tent-pole games does help us pay for everything and helps build trust with new retailers, both of which support the end goal of getting you indie folks into stores!


What even are blogs? We haven’t made a post since this website was even built..

Here’s what we are doing though:

Relief for Retail stores that are closed. (see teal banner above)

Selling games online (obviously..)

Shipping added to the website (that was important)

Filters added so you can sort games by complexity (more filters to come)

Developing games (that was on hold for a while when this venture started up, but we’re back to the drawing boards for new games; as well as helping other local/indie game designers get their stuff ready for market)

Oh, and we might even be building out a mobile warehouse disguised as a Uhaul truck, so that’ll be fun once the quarantine lifts.

New Year, New Website!

Have a look around.

Don’t mind the mess, we’re still ironing out the details..

In the meantime, check us out @IndiproGames on FB/Insta/Twitter!