Bone Strike


Players: 2 or 3
A.G.E.*: 8+
Time: 45 min
Genre: Deck Building, Dice Rolling, combat
Short Description:
Make no bones about it, Bone Strike will decimate your funny bone!
Bone Strike is a deckbuilding game with a combat system based off the folk dice game 10,000 Dice. Set in a savage time, players must push their luck to gain victory.

Since the dawn of mankind, fighting for territory, resources, and hierarchy has been humanity’s ridiculous struggle.

In Bone Strike, you’ll amass an army of boneheaded warriors to battle your friends with the different warrior factions: Lokaloka, Zerzura, and Shangri La.
Roll the bones to try your luck at conquering all, but there is always a chance you yourself get boned.
Strike while the iron is hot and pick a bone with this gut busting game bone-anza that will leave you laughing down to your bones!

This game has been the most popular with our playtesters because it is pure fun and entertainment.

-a Dice Chucking, Deck Building, Opponent Decimating good time

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.


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