Hasty Baker


Players: 2-6
A.G.E.*: 6+
Time: 10min/player
Genre: set collection
Short Description:
Race to collect the right ingredients for recipes before other players sabotage you, in this baking competition card game!

Hasty Baker was designed to be simple enough for kids to understand quickly with art and subject matter they love, while having enough interaction and strategy to make adults come back for more. Every recipe card has a colorful, eye-popping illustration of a mouth-watering dessert such as berry cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and blueberry pie, to name a few. Each lists the four ingredients required for completion. The ingredients are playful characters that you can’t help but love.

Hasty Baker is a delightfully engaging family card game where players collect ingredient cards to complete various dessert recipes as quickly as they can. Why the haste? Because until your recipe has all four ingredients, your opponents can sabotage you with Strategy Cards. Strategy Cards have a wide range of powers, such as the ability to steal ingredients opponents have played, replace all the cards in another player’s hand or your own, completely wipe out an opponent’s recipe-in-play, causing them to start a new recipe from scratch, and more! Completing recipes is how you earn points and the first player to get five points, wins!

Hasty Baker is surely the hottest family game to hit the market this year and was created by GoChuckle, a new family-run company with the goal of facilitating better family bonds through face-to-face interaction. Since being released in mid-December 2019, Hasty Baker has already gained overwhelming praise. It was granted the Tillywig BEST FAMILY FUN award for 2020 and was also endorsed by Allison Victoria-Wolfe, the season 15 winner of Food Network’s cooking competition “Worst Cooks in America”. As positive reviews continue to emerge, it won’t spend much time on the shelf, in the store or at home.

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Each player has 7 cards in their hand. These cards will be either ingredient cards that are used to complete their recipes, or strategy cards that the player can use to sabotage other players by stealing ingredients, spoiling ingredients, etc. Each player gets a recipe card laid on the table in front of them. When an ingredient is placed on the table, it becomes in play and vulnerable to other players actions.

On each players turn, they can do 2 actions. Those actions can be putting an ingredient in play, playing a strategy card, or replacing a card in their hand. At the end of their turn, they draw back up to 7 cards.

Each completed recipe is worth 1 point but there are “Blue Ribbon” cards and “Double Batch” cards that can give the player bonus points when a recipe is finished.

The first player to 5 points, wins!


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