Lord of the Chords: Complete Edition


Players: 2-4
A.G.E.*: 8+
Time: 30-60 min
Genre: Set Collection
Short Description:
Learn hours of music theory in minuets - with puns and lots of fun!   (great for non-musicians too)

Major geeky fun for friends 433+ hours of replayability Beginner and advanced game modes High quality components that look and feel great!


It’s the best music card game!

Supported by more than 4000+ customers from over 66 countries since our Kickstarter.

It teaches you music theory by having real music concepts in the gameplay.

Not only are the action cards punny, they’re filled with more strategic and tense moments than you can Handel!

Perfect for bringing musicians and non-musicians closer!


Transform monotone music theory lessons into dynamic educational experiences accented with major laughs, minor learning and an augmented love for music theory!

Learn hours of music theory in minuets – with puns and lots of fun!

Trusted by musicians and board gamers alike – Struck a major chord at USD$232,323 raised on Kickstarter with over 4000 customers worldwide.


What You Get:

  • Piano Box travel case that fits the whole game!
  • Lord of the Chords Base Game, containing:
    • Note and action cards
    • Accidental tokens
    • Key signature tiles
    • Instrument tiles
    • Tonality indicator guitar picks
    • Cloth bag
    • 52-pages, full-colour rulebook
  • FREE $25 Value “Who Let the Chords Out” Expansion containing:
    • “What chord is that?” Advanced Chords Pack
    • “Satie-sfaction guaranteed” Extra Composer Puns Pack
    • “I’m not off-Key, I modulated” Modulation Pack
    • “Yes, I really need another guitar” Instrument Essentials Pack
    • “You just can’t escape them” Conductor Cards Pack

We currently do not have the How to Play Instructions for this game.