Perfect Ramen


Players: 2-4
A.G.E.*: 8+
Time: 30 min
Genre: Deck Building
Short Description:
A deck building game where you race your friends to build a ramen the fastest. Flying Saghetti Monster approved!
Welcome to Perfect Ramen, the deck-building game that finally allows you to showboat your noodle-making wizardry. Perfect Ramen is for 2 to 4 players. Don’t try to play it by yourself. That’s sad. Watch our "How to Play" videos below!

Perfect Ramen is a deck builder for 2 to 4 players, in which you use all your noodle-wizardry to brew the greatest, high-five-est bowl of ramen before your inferior, wanna-be cooks can even figure out which room’s the kitchen.

Accept your broth and noodles.
Accept them!!!

Then, hit the competition so hard that you owe it an apology.
Trade your takoyaki, edamame, and gyoza for the events, toppings, proteins, and utensils you’ll need to gain mild fame and slightly interested fans throughout this world of delicious drivel!

It is a silly game, and you’re just the soup-mage to manage it.

See detailed videos here


See more videos here.


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