Pirate Loot


Players: 2-4
A.G.E.*: 9+
Time: 60 min
Genre: Take-that
Short Description:
Pirate Loot is simple to play but with plenty of treacherous strategy to keep players guessing.
Designed by Jason Bulmahn, the creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with whimsical art by Scott Kurtz (PVP webcomic) and Dylan Meconis (Family Man webcomic), Betray your friends and steal their loot!

There is treasure out there to be had, mountains of stolen gold and priceless relics, but there’s more than one pirate with his eye set on the prize. Only the best crew will come home with the loot, while the rest will be lucky just to make it back alive.

Pirate Loot is a game of adventure and treachery on the high seas. Each player takes on the role of ship captain, recruiting pirates to form the best possible crew and beat the other captains to the loot. The first captain to get enough loot to satisfy his crew wins the game.

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