Players: 1-5
A.G.E.*: 10+
Time: 15 min/player
Genre: Deck Building
Short Description:
Build your guild. Slay monsters. Take the throne.
WarRift is a competitive and cooperative tabletop deck-building card game with a focus on player interaction, where guilds compete and slay monsters to take the throne. Players are the Guildmasters and the cards are their forces.  

WarRift offers new mechanics, like each player having their own signature buy-pool (guild), instead of all players getting cards from the same spot. If players don’t pay the extra cost on a card, it goes into the Rift. Cards in the Rift have a chance of an opponent using it for one turn, making for some fun combos.

There’s also bartering, intense (optional) player-elimination, the ability for players to hold cards in their hand and time their combos, monster bosses, casual and solo formats, and so, sooo much more! With all its elements at play, WarRift creates a completely unique deck-building experience.


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