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Our Mission

Incarnate Games makes games that start with rich, inspiring, compelling characters and events, put the players into protagonist roles, and provide several choices for each player while they achieve goals, celebrate victory, and above all, have fun with their friends. By focusing our attention on constructing a detailed universe, Incarnate Games’ can increase product lines and franchises, and expand goals with dramatic growth.

Our Vision

As we discover and explore emerging markets, new technologies, and their impact on the gaming industry, Incarnate Games’ vision is to blur the lines between ‘now’ and ‘tomorrow’. A core tenet of Incarnate Games is to become and remain a Force Multiplier in the convergence of physical with digital entertainment.

Our Culture

The culture at Incarnate Games strives to discover new methods that bring our vision into reality in the following seven ways:

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  • Sing for Your Supper

    The Ultimate Music Card Game - Fun Family-Friendly Party Game - Party Games for Adults & Teens
    Players: 2-12
    A.G.E.*: 10+
    Time: 30-60
    Genre: Party