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Thing 12 Games is a team of passionate game developers with decades of combined experience in the video game industry.

We have a love of the tangible camaraderie that only comes from gathering around a kitchen table, and engaging fun new games with your friends and family.

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  • Click Click Boom

    A tension-filled card game of bluffing, deception, and Russian roulette. Compete in 3 Shootouts to claim Pots, Steal Coins, and WIN!
    Players: 3-6
    A.G.E.*: 8+
    Time: 15-30min
    Genre: Bluffing
  • Seals of Cthulhu

    A Strategic Bidding and Bluffing Battle Card Game for 2 Players
    Players: 2
    A.G.E.*: 8+
    Time: 30 min
    Genre: Bidding