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Kickstarter Complete and Funded!

Big Eyes, Small Brains is the third book in our 4″x6″ Pocket RPG line. We take the Parody Hammer to the anime world with this bitingly satirical take on the genre’s countless tropes and icons. Its over-the-top take on everything, from mecha to those slice-of-life shows that seem to be everywhere nowadays, is sure to bring smiles to players new and old.

Big Eyes, Small Brains may end up with a higher retail price once we launch, as this extra-big edition is twice as thick as previous Pocket RPGs Laser Metal and DnDizzle. For the presale period, though, we’re matching the price of our previous adventures until the final retail price is confirmed. Order today, to lock in your book, as well as all digital stretch goals that are earned during our Kickstarter, which launches on April 18, 2019!

Our Kickstarter goes live on April 18th at noon PST. There you will be able to get BESB, our other PRPGs, custom NPCs, Custom adventure and more. Following the Kickstarter, customers will be eligible to purchase all physical add-ons at Kickstarter prices. The final package is expected to ship out in Late Summer 2019.

Are you an anime artist? We are still looking for a couple more artists to fill out the B&W interior of BESB. Send portfolio link to [email protected] with Anime Artist in the subject.

Aegis of the Elements

Aegis is ASG’s newest IP that will encompass a Web comic, legacy board game and in time a phone app video game.

Aegis of the Elements takes place on the living world of Vendrial. The inhabitants of Vendrial are integral to her survival and consist of 6 great humanoid species

Each project will focus on these inhabitants and their sentient constructs, the Aegis, expanding the world towards a larger overall narrative.

Each of the main regions on Vendrial have their own artist and writer, giving each region its own look and feel. The Aegis of the Elements comic consists of several story lines and vignettes taking place throughout the world of Vendrial.

Read a blurb on each region, see bios on the writers and artists and links to comics from their region on the AotE page and sub pages.

Check out the web comic now.

Caffeinated Marshmallows are back.

7 Flavors purchasable from our web store, in Singles and Bags including:
Earl Grey Tea
Gin & Tonic
Irani Chai


Replicants! is a Scifi themed resource gathering game for most ages. Each round you deal out a new resource grid, then players take turns placing their drones on the grid to collect the corresponding resources and then use them to level up their Replicants in order to gain victory points, abilities and of course, more Replicants. It is a relatively fast paced game that is half turn based and half simultaneous play that accommodates 2-6 player and takes 45 minutes to an hour to play.

Link to “Learn to Play Replicants in 2 Minutes”

Learn more on the Replicants! page.

Replicants! U.S.C. Expansion

Time has passed, the Replicants have begun to rebuild a society of their own and the spine of this new society is a network of space stations being built by the United Sol Colonies mega hive. All are welcome on these new space stations so long as they help pitch in to keep them growing. In this expansion excess resources are no longer discarded. Instead you get to put them in your locker to be used on the space station to either help build it out or to activate the abilities of the various rooms. So join with the U.S.C. to make a better life for all Replicant kind.

Learn more on the Replicants! U.S.C. Page.